• Grama one is a single point assistance centre for all citizen centric activities at village level which includes delivery of G2C services, Banking services, RTI queries etc. Gramaone centers will be operational from 8AM-8PM on all seven days of the week.
  • You can reach your nearby Gramaone Centers usingmobile app
  • Each service has specific Sakala timeline to deliver the services.
  • Yes, it’s required to be present at Gramaone center at the time of applying for any service.
  • Gramaone centers will be operational from 8AM-8PM on all seven days of the week.
  • Yes, it will be open on all Sundays.

Benefits of availing service through Grama One are:

  • No need to spend time and money on traveling to Government offices for availing services
  • No need to wait in long queues at Government offices to avail services
  • No more dependency on middlemen
  • Grama One centers are open from 8AM-8PM on all days for citizen’s convenience
  • Well trained operator to assist the citizens in availing services
  • Citizens will be charged a nominal service charge along with notified departmental fee for the requested service.Service charge Detail here
  • You will get an SMS updates on the registered mobile number at each step of application process and application status can also be tracked using the following url APPLICATION STATUS

    Following services will be provided under Grama One program:

  • Seva Sindhu services – At Present 100 services of Seva Sindhu can be availed via Grama One centers
  • Sakala services
  • RTI services
  • CM Relief Fund
  • Micro Banking services – Banking services like small time deposits, withdrawals, balance enquiry, Aadhar update etc will be available through Grama One centers
  • Citizens can visit their nearest Grama One center to avail the services. An operator at the Grama One center will assist the citizens in raising application for required service.
    The list of Grama One center can be found here. Once requested document can be collected from concern grama one centres.